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Title: Low Class Conspiracy Artist: Quasimoto 9 plays

Low Class Conspiracy - Quasimoto

Title: America's Most Blunted (ft. Lord Quas) Artist: Madvillain 1,083 plays

America’s Most Blunted - Madvillain

Title: Twelve Fold Chain Artist: The Books 10 plays

Twelve Fold Chain by The Books

at last it started in the middle
beginning as it all begins, it forsook the source of things.

and that which flowed over that which stayed, it made the choice to form a standing wave.

it leaned the out against the in, unfolding in a place to call its own.

and it gently draped six senses over this house of cards that it built, and opened ground to the roots of touch and let them in.

incredible sensations

it was the insatiable feeling of a feeling of insatiable desire.
and all that it could do was hold tight to that that it was not.

it told itself it needed names and in so doing it became.
this is the birth that everyone is always talking about. the one assumed but not remembered.

but death does not forget.
the end will remind it to cure it of itself

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Title: Orphan Artist: MyNameIsJohnMichael 29 plays

Orphan by MyNameIsJohnMichael

My best friends are really cute and talented.

Take a look at my pals doing a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You”. Share it and stuff.


when i return // white bone rattle

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i just want to cuddle the shit out of this song


blood red youth // california wives

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You can preview California Wives’ entire debut album Art History via Soundcloud, where you can also download two of the tracks, “Marianne” and “Purple” for FREE

Title: These Arms of Mine Artist: Otis Redding 599 plays


excessive moonlight // indian jewelry

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ho hey // the lumineers

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Title: The General Artist: Dispatch 249 plays

He said,
I have seen the others and I have discovered that this fight is not worth fighting
And I’ve have seen their mothers and I will no other to follow me where I’m going